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Insulated glass is two pieces of flat glass, double sealed with a 20-year warranty against seal failure when installed by our repairman. It can be annealed glass or tempered glass, depending on the location of the unit. We can do any size up to 60 x 72, as well as patio door units. The glass can be clear, Low E (which cuts down on the UV rays that cause fading in curtains, carpets, and furnishings), obscure (for privacy issues), tempered (which breaks into small pieces as opposed to large dangerous shards), laminated (which will not shatter), and with grids between the two panes to match your existing windows.

Seal failure is when the seal holding the two sheets of glass separates and allows air into the unit. Indication of seal failure usually is fogging or condensation between the two panes of glass. Flat glass can be clear, obscure, or in a variety of patterns and textures, in both annealed and tempered. We also carry glass for desks, tabletops, coffee tables, etc., as well as glass shelves. We can do a number of finished edges, from simple swiped edges and bevels to flat and pencil polish.

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